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The Maiden Post

Starting a new blog is quite an excruciating task and I bet a lot of people would agree with me. From the early hassles of choosing a platform to the dilemma of finding a good and catchy domain name. There is a sense of apprehension whether the blog title is juicy and impressive enough? I have personally felt the pressure of such dilemmas. But anyways content is what that matters the most. So that has to be on the prime focus(note taken).

Its a new day after a prolonged dark night and I am receiving the new journey plus its challenges with sheer enthusiasm. The aim is set already, even before I started, got something to fight for. Talking about putting a fight and achieving, in recent times there was a drag in my heart that I have never tested my true potential, never expended myself to accomplish the best for myself. I believe in the journey, that’s what matters the most; lending a thought from Bhagwad Gita “Concentrate upon your work, not the fruits”, a success attained by sheer hard work and labor always taste sweeter. I hope to tread on this path.

There are a lot of stuff I hope to do and get hold of besides the ultimate aim albeit all these endeavors lead to the same destination. Reading a lot on diverse topics(be a well read man xD), enhance my English writing skills and vocabulary, start running etc.

My observations have adverted that my reckless and careless attitude are the real cause of my sufferings. So the one most important trait I would like to inculcate would be “Respecting”, respecting the time, opportunities, the resources using them efficiently and economically. There is always something to learn in life in whatever you do and a honest experience never goes futile.

This is all to sum up the maiden post for my new blog, hoping that this blog will be given full justice by me. And if you happen to come across my blog and read a post(s), do comment please if you feel like.

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