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A known and fiery madness, yet tendered by this foolish kind.

I am, like all past times, out of my mind!


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Out of focus

“Priorities, always have them figured out in your life”. I still remember these words, given to me by a senior a long time back. Regrettably, I have never taken stock of it till now and the implications keeps tailing me. Focusing on the right things is a major factor for being successful in life.

“Knowledge is gathering what ever comes our way, wisdom is leaving all that behind which is unnecessary”

Sometimes I find it very funny that what we read as kids at school the elementary lessons and those here and then quotes comes back at us when we realize their importance in life after some set backs. They start to make a whole new sense in our lives.

As the years pass by, these “Quotes” and “Thoughts” seems to be making more sense.


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