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Feels like home

The cold morning breeze gushing through the unconfined ends of a cranky window, mild shivers running down the body while its thrown from one side to another like a punching bag as the bus treads the roads crawling like snakes bringing me home. Dawn breaking into the sleepy mountains calling it a day at last, after a long cold night. As I look out of the window seeing villages, some lonely slate-roofed houses on the hills. Often I think that the what kind of life they live? In my thoughts, placing myself in the shoes of the inhabitants of those remote houses on the distant hills. As the bus descents after passing to a excise post of Swarghat the glimpses of Govind Sagar reservoir down the gorge makes refreshing view. Further passing through the towns where I lived once, reminiscing the time spent there and the physical constraints of journey fades away in the new found joy. Friends, school mates, various spots related to the memories in some corner of my mind. Feeling sad that I didn’t kept in touch with old friends from school, missing the place thinking what they are up to these days. Thoughts of visiting them once again over all making rounds in my mind, some day I will go and see and feel those places where I grew up. But there is a long way till then.

The river Beas joins me on the way, giving me company and a beautiful sight. Though it is sad to see some stretches dried up owing to hydropower projects. All the way, nevertheless, it makes my heart heavy. The orchards doting alongside the constantly busy highway always makes a good view, the fruit vendors on the roadsides sometimes occupied by tourists  making a hefty earning and now and then just passing time basking in the mild sun.  Speeding through highways going opposite way of Beas bus lands me at Bhuntar.

ps. Not that good account of the journey, but I am still TRYING. 🙂

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