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I am always lazy when it comes to packing before travel. At the last moment when I was getting ready for going back to Delhi after a  sumptuous week at home, I was unable to find some polythene bags in wrap some stuff in. “Maa I can’t find polythene bags, need to pack some stuff” and then I was enlightened that polythene is banned in Himachal, my ignorant self had a realisation…Ohh, I kind of felt good inside, glad.

No doubt polythene bags are quite handy but they have their implications too(I think we people are already quite knowledgeable about it, aren’t we?). Polythene bags really are a nuisance, I have my fair share of experiences. I remember helping out Maa setting up the kitchen garden, these bags with age of million years are a headache to be tilled out of the earth. I wonder how the stray ruminating animals have developed a taste for them, it might be their chewing gum! Well they don’t have a good health guide to educate them about hazards of consuming those polymers. In places, still putting poly bags in use can be seen afflicted with the discarded ones here and there, which obviously don’t make a good view. Glad and happy that Devbhumi Himachal has got rid of practice of using polythene bags. The ban in some way tackles the incessant use of these environment-enemy substances but still the packed milk pouches, mineral water bottles(Kullu has a very high consumptions of these), packed food etc keep the hazards prevalent in some other ways.  Proper disposal(read hiding from the eye) of used polythene will surely help to reduce the aftermath. But the foremost need is of recycling and cutting our dependence on poly bags, as our share of keeping our environment safe.

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