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I’ll wake up tomorrow

For past some years I have been more of a nocturnal animal. Beating this routine of life has been a real downer for me, particularly due to my habit of been distracted(or attracted) to stuff. I hate internet, a chain of distractions. I know I have to sleep, I know that I have already wasted much of time today, but every five minutes I will look at the clock and give me more five minutes to cut the crap and so on I continue. The alarm is set but it has also to be adjusted along. As the time time goes on and the night reaches dawn at a particular time when I am only able to get a couple of hours to sleep, I finally force myself close my eyes to sleep. And it would be no surprise when I won’t be able to get up when the alarm goes off, the intensity of my sleep is so much that sometimes I don’t even know myself that I turned off the alarm or incase muted down the volume.

All this process is of lying with oneself or being too hopeful, excessively optimistic.

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gave up

gave up smoking.. so technically, I am saving 70 minutes of my life per day. 😀 :(((


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