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On waking up early.

Early to bed, early to rise
Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wisdom.

A famous quote by Benjamin Franklin each one of us must be familiar with ever since kindergarten. I still cherish the vague memory of the drawing in the poem book showing a content looking boy on the bed relishing the dawn, freshness of the early morning. Well sadly, it is something ideal for me these days, as I over sleep each morning, cuddling and sticking to the bed like our politicians to the “kursi”, regrettably I haven’t been much concerned to break the habit.

With a determined mind the first step was to set up and clock, downloaded and installed one. But the most important requisite is the will power and motivation. In pursuit, I googled for waking up early and found some varied material ranging from the site on waking up early to some personality development blogs focusing on the goodness of waking up early.

Discovered that the most enthralling factor is a due reason, a burning desire for something that a person wants to do and ofcourse that can’t be done while being asleep. Thinking of the mission/aim of you life or about some particular goal of the day seems to be an aid to getting one out of the bed.

Getting up early is a kind of kick start for the building up of a productive day. The fresh morning air, calmness and the a clear and receptive mind, a good time to study 😀 . Hoping to slip into the routine gradually.

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A known and fiery madness, yet tendered by this foolish kind.

I am, like all past times, out of my mind!


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Out of focus

“Priorities, always have them figured out in your life”. I still remember these words, given to me by a senior a long time back. Regrettably, I have never taken stock of it till now and the implications keeps tailing me. Focusing on the right things is a major factor for being successful in life.

“Knowledge is gathering what ever comes our way, wisdom is leaving all that behind which is unnecessary”

Sometimes I find it very funny that what we read as kids at school the elementary lessons and those here and then quotes comes back at us when we realize their importance in life after some set backs. They start to make a whole new sense in our lives.

As the years pass by, these “Quotes” and “Thoughts” seems to be making more sense.


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I am always lazy when it comes to packing before travel. At the last moment when I was getting ready for going back to Delhi after a  sumptuous week at home, I was unable to find some polythene bags in wrap some stuff in. “Maa I can’t find polythene bags, need to pack some stuff” and then I was enlightened that polythene is banned in Himachal, my ignorant self had a realisation…Ohh, I kind of felt good inside, glad.

No doubt polythene bags are quite handy but they have their implications too(I think we people are already quite knowledgeable about it, aren’t we?). Polythene bags really are a nuisance, I have my fair share of experiences. I remember helping out Maa setting up the kitchen garden, these bags with age of million years are a headache to be tilled out of the earth. I wonder how the stray ruminating animals have developed a taste for them, it might be their chewing gum! Well they don’t have a good health guide to educate them about hazards of consuming those polymers. In places, still putting poly bags in use can be seen afflicted with the discarded ones here and there, which obviously don’t make a good view. Glad and happy that Devbhumi Himachal has got rid of practice of using polythene bags. The ban in some way tackles the incessant use of these environment-enemy substances but still the packed milk pouches, mineral water bottles(Kullu has a very high consumptions of these), packed food etc keep the hazards prevalent in some other ways.  Proper disposal(read hiding from the eye) of used polythene will surely help to reduce the aftermath. But the foremost need is of recycling and cutting our dependence on poly bags, as our share of keeping our environment safe.

Thanks for reading, comments are welcomed and cherished. 🙂

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River Beas

Constant sound,

of icy cold water making way,

bashing through the rocks in Beas river,

wafting over the heavy air.

Home 🙂

Original pic link here.

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Feels like home

The cold morning breeze gushing through the unconfined ends of a cranky window, mild shivers running down the body while its thrown from one side to another like a punching bag as the bus treads the roads crawling like snakes bringing me home. Dawn breaking into the sleepy mountains calling it a day at last, after a long cold night. As I look out of the window seeing villages, some lonely slate-roofed houses on the hills. Often I think that the what kind of life they live? In my thoughts, placing myself in the shoes of the inhabitants of those remote houses on the distant hills. As the bus descents after passing to a excise post of Swarghat the glimpses of Govind Sagar reservoir down the gorge makes refreshing view. Further passing through the towns where I lived once, reminiscing the time spent there and the physical constraints of journey fades away in the new found joy. Friends, school mates, various spots related to the memories in some corner of my mind. Feeling sad that I didn’t kept in touch with old friends from school, missing the place thinking what they are up to these days. Thoughts of visiting them once again over all making rounds in my mind, some day I will go and see and feel those places where I grew up. But there is a long way till then.

The river Beas joins me on the way, giving me company and a beautiful sight. Though it is sad to see some stretches dried up owing to hydropower projects. All the way, nevertheless, it makes my heart heavy. The orchards doting alongside the constantly busy highway always makes a good view, the fruit vendors on the roadsides sometimes occupied by tourists  making a hefty earning and now and then just passing time basking in the mild sun.  Speeding through highways going opposite way of Beas bus lands me at Bhuntar.

ps. Not that good account of the journey, but I am still TRYING. 🙂

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The Maiden Post

Starting a new blog is quite an excruciating task and I bet a lot of people would agree with me. From the early hassles of choosing a platform to the dilemma of finding a good and catchy domain name. There is a sense of apprehension whether the blog title is juicy and impressive enough? I have personally felt the pressure of such dilemmas. But anyways content is what that matters the most. So that has to be on the prime focus(note taken).

Its a new day after a prolonged dark night and I am receiving the new journey plus its challenges with sheer enthusiasm. The aim is set already, even before I started, got something to fight for. Talking about putting a fight and achieving, in recent times there was a drag in my heart that I have never tested my true potential, never expended myself to accomplish the best for myself. I believe in the journey, that’s what matters the most; lending a thought from Bhagwad Gita “Concentrate upon your work, not the fruits”, a success attained by sheer hard work and labor always taste sweeter. I hope to tread on this path.

There are a lot of stuff I hope to do and get hold of besides the ultimate aim albeit all these endeavors lead to the same destination. Reading a lot on diverse topics(be a well read man xD), enhance my English writing skills and vocabulary, start running etc.

My observations have adverted that my reckless and careless attitude are the real cause of my sufferings. So the one most important trait I would like to inculcate would be “Respecting”, respecting the time, opportunities, the resources using them efficiently and economically. There is always something to learn in life in whatever you do and a honest experience never goes futile.

This is all to sum up the maiden post for my new blog, hoping that this blog will be given full justice by me. And if you happen to come across my blog and read a post(s), do comment please if you feel like.

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